Remote teams. What do you need to know about working with them?

Your business grows. But this doesn’t mean you must hire more and more staff to work on different tasks in the office.
You can hire a remote team for your tasks.
So you found an agency to work with. Here are several steps to increase your projects’ success with such team:

1. The more ways you have to keep in touch with the team, the better for you and for the project.

2. You must know exactly what you want and make sure that the team understands your goals and objectives correctly. Prepare a detailed description and make sure that the team follows it. All —Āontentious issues should be agreed before starting to work.

3. Management is all for you.
Make sure a team use project management tools. Here are some tools for team’s work: Trello, Asana, Git, Jira and so on. This helps resolve issues quickly and monitor the project’s progress.
Otherwise, run away from them.

4. Feedback must be constant
You need to be aware of all changes made to the project. This will help to identify errors at the initial stage and correct them in time.

5. Take care of your safety.
Sign documents that guarantee NDA’s, the terms and quality of work, project scope, etc. Don’t forget to set the deadline. It’ll help both sides to resolve any disagreements.

6. Nobody can’t be an expert in all fields. Don’t trust a “yes man”, who can do everything. The narrower niche is, the better work will be done. Be careful with people who say they can do a lot of different work perfectly.

7. Choose a qualified agency for partnership with proven skills and results of their work. And don’t forget to view their portfolio and job reviews.

Work with a remote agency can bring unbelievable benefits, provided you stay vigilant. If you cooperate with the right niche partners, clearly articulate the objectives and work on establishing the fundamentals, then success is within reach.

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