What we ask our clients before we can estimate the site’s cost


It’s not possible to do a website in a couple of hours. It definitely needs some planning. Beforehand – you need to decide what is the aim of your site – where your site visitors should go, what actions they should take, what info they will find.
So we want to share our thoughts with you so you can understand why we asking the questions
The site visitor has a short time (3-8 sec) when he decides to stay or leave from your site. So he should understand immediately if your site solves his problem or not. That is why the process of site work requires planning and can’t be done by anyone, who hasn’t got the required skills and experience
So, we’re back to our questions:
1. What is your business’s name? What does it do? How it can help people to solve their problems?
2. What people should do on your site? Which actions do you expect from them? Sign up to your email list? Register for an event or seminar? Download the document?
3. What functionality or features do you need? Maybe you need a blog? Email sigh up? Request or contact form? Estore? Maybe there are some features you want to add to your site later?
4. What differentiates your business from your competitors?
5. If you have a site already, what you don’t like there and want to improve? There should be a reason if you want a new site when you already have a site.
6. What problems you have now with your site or your business? Maybe you have a lot of visitors but they don’t buy? Or maybe you have a few visitors and want to get more?
7. Please show some other sites you like and explain why
It’s not for copying other sites, it’s for getting the idea what you like, what features you want on your site, how do you want the site to work and so on.

I hope this is helpful. Please let me know in comments if you have any questions

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