How to make your own projects


We think this one is the best way – you can make your perfect portfolio – and then look for a similar kind of projects. In fact – You can do what you like – and then search for clients who want exactly your style!

You can create the type of work that would appeal to your dream clients
You can work on your own schedule

Personal projects in your portfolio don’t have the same weight as client work.
It’s easier to get stuck in your personal style (so your portfolio won’t show variety)
It’s complicated to keep yourself motivated

How to do it:
Take your work seriously. If you want to develop a strong portfolio, you’re going to make a lot of pieces. Most freelancers can get by with 3 or 4, but I would suggest at least double the numbers, so the more the better.

Keep a schedule. Make a commitment to work on a personal project for your portfolio for at least 2 hours a day, or whatever works for you.

Set deadlines for yourself (and keep them).

Come up with imaginary clients with different styles. As I said above, the biggest danger of working on your own portfolio is that all your work looks similar. Clients want to see that you can solve their problems, not just apply your particular style to their project. If you’re an artist, you might also want to provide your work on different styles or a variety of media: on a tote bag, on a poster, on a brochure. Take pictures of your work in these formats rather than just providing the design files.

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