How much content does your site need?

Content is one of the important things your site need. Here are several questions you need to answer before you start to create own site:

1. Who will write to your content?
2. How much content do you really need?

Who’ll write the content?
Generally, we believe the best texts come from you. Who knows the business better than the business owner? You know why you’re the best. You know what you have to propose. And you know how to prove it.

How much content do you need?
It depends on different factors:  your industry and your customers. And one more moment: do you want your site to be highly appreciated by SE (search engines)?

That’s right, content’s quantity depends on varies by industry. Are you in a niche market without a lot of competition? Does the typical customer already know who you are and how you can solve his problems?  People need to get more knowledge about what you do and who you are. Agree?

You have to prove to the customer why you are the best choice for him.  Just listing your services isn’t enough if you have any other competitors online. If your site doesn’t convince them you’re better than your opponent, why should they choose you?

Do you want to be found in the SE?
One of the things Google looks for when ranking websites is Expertise, Authority, and Trust. In this case, beautiful picks and images can’t help to get TOP with Google. The only thing can help you it’s really great content. It needs to be quality content that sells, and it needs to be relevant and useful to your consumer. If your user finds the content useful, so will Google.

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