What is a domain name and what for you need own domain?

Every person who at least once thought about creating a site thought about how customers will find his site. The answer is simple – you need a domain name.

So let’s try to go through what is a domain name. Domain, simply put, is an address for your site.

For example, the domain name website.fr is divided into:

first or top-level domain – fr;
second-level domain – website;
Speaking about the site address, first of all, we mean a second-level domain.

“It’s all good, but why do I need my own domain?” Using a free domain forever binds you to its representative and its prices. And if something doesn’t suit you, you can never pick up a domain. You will be forced to either endure or lose the domain.

Choosing a domain name is very demanding. If this is the company site, then the best domain name will be the name of the company itself, if it is a site for a particular brand, then the name of this brand will be the best domain, etc.

The second and no less important parameter for your domain name – it should be easy to remember. Any potential customer, having seen the website address on a business card or accidentally hitting it, will remember the short and logical address much easier, instead of the long.

The site address should be easy to pronounce aloud.

It is also necessary to remember that the name of your future site can consist of numbers from 0 to 9, letters of the English alphabet from a to z and a hyphen.
The maximum name length is 57 characters.

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